Ningbo Peiyuan Automobile Parts Co., Ltd (Ningbo Wantong Vehicle Parts Co., Ltd, owning export & import right ) is a professional manufacturer and exporter specializing in piston rods in shock absorber, piston rods in gas spring, piston rods in cylinder, QPQ piston rod, motorcycle front fork tube and metal stampings. And we have our own plating factory—Ningbo Peiyuan Plating Factory, there are 5 production lines in use.

  • DSC_4964

  • DSC_4966

  • DSC_4972

  • 前叉管PISTON ROD 22X385

  • 前叉管PISTON ROD 22X395

  • 前叉管PISTON ROD 25X473

  • 减震器FB 36X112

  • 减震器KNB

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